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  • Shenzhen Yongxing Shun Technology Co., Ltd.

    Contact person: Mr. Deng

    Hand machine: 13823301296

    Fax: 0755-27267382



    Network access: www。szyxsfb。com

    Address: Baoan District Shenzhen city streets Songgang Guangshen road Songgang No. 98

Company introduction
  • Shenzhen Yongxing Shun Technology Co., Ltd. is located in southern China, the beautiful metropolis ------ Shenzhen, China, is located in Baoan, strategic location, away from the center of the former sea less than 2 km, 5 km from the airport , GS, both near the coastal high-speed, the company is located at 107 State Road. Yongxing Shenzhen Shun Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1985, has 30 years of history, the registered capital of 80 million yuan....
Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway Songgang Songgang landline segment number 98: 0755-27267382 / 0755-27267383
Fax: 0755-81763880 Mobile: 13823301296 Contact: Mr. Tang Mobile: 15012908589 Contact: Miss generation
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